So we bought this van…

I can’t even quite remember how the conversation started….  I think I was talking about buying an old truck and restoring it.  My job had been wearing me out, and I was looking for something to do at home in my off time.

4 days later we’re in Small-Town Tennessee, 6 hours from home, buying a used 2005 Sprinter van.   We had done research as exhaustive as we could have in the time allotted – and the internet is a vast and deep place to dig for information.  I relied on my mechanical abilities, some luck, and “just do it” moxie.

Good or bad – we bought this van, and it came home with us.

The Van, as first seen
We’re gonna buy it.
Time to drive home….
…and meet the rest of the family!

Why are we here, writing another damn Van blog?

  • We want to chronicle the build, turning our van into a Family Road-Home
  • When complete, we want to document our travels for our friends and families
  • Pass on knowledge we gain, good and bad, about making this happen.
  • Maybe we inspire others to drop the shackles and live some adventure?


Future posts will detail:

  • How we chose this van, this style, and this particular one.
  • What are we planning on doing anyway?
  • The basic work needed to get the van ready for “conversion”

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