Your Typical American Family

Time……. We all want more time.

We are running around day to day on a crazy schedule. We are planning the van build, a wedding, and “hell what I’m going to do when I’m done typing this?”.  We are surrounded by the pressures of modern society pushing us to stay busy in the Rat Race of life. Finding time to do even one of these thing is very hard – we both work full time jobs and the Boy is in school.  This is compounded by the fact that we both have different work schedules. Sometimes it can seem impossible to get to the simple life we long for.

The Boy plays baseball, which consists of 2 practices and 3 games a week, sometimes lasting to 9:30 in the evening.  This doesn’t allow for much time to work on the van, much less cook dinner most nights.  We rely on the slow cooker for most meals these days. This is another big reason to move into the van and home school him.  More time with him and more time for him to enjoy the things he loves.

In Red “He is SAFE”

We have been blessed with an amazing family to help us!! I’m not sure we would be this far along in the build if we didn’t have them. My amazing cousin Jimmie has been coming into town for years now to hit the mountain bike trails and crush the downhills. He has been in the auto body industry for along as I can remember.  He surprised me and offered to fix rust spots for us and give the van a fresh coat of paint.  He killed it with all the body work and the color! We couldn’t have asked for a better gift or a better van!


Adding to our amazing family is my awesome dad. He has a Masters degree in wood working from Berry College in Rome, GA.  Growing up I always remember spending time with him at Hand Crafted Furniture, the business my parents owned.  I spent a lot of time in the factory learning to make and invent things.  He has always helped me on projects from renovating my first home, and now, renovating our first van.  So far he has help us with the flooring and plans to help us with cabinets, walls, and ceiling. You would never guess he is almost 75 and just spent the last year fighting stage 2 colon cancer and is now in 3 months remission!!


All and all we make the crazy schedule work. We are longing for that day when we can drive the van out of the driveway and choose our first destination. We are already for our first stop in our yearlong dream to live a simpler life.

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