Meet the “US”

A grumpy dude, a single mom, a growing boy, and a dumb but happy fluffy dog.

She’s outnumbered by us guys, but she doesn’t mind:

We’re not quite middle age, middle class (lower maybe?), working jackwads who want to travel some before we find where our hearts want to settle down.

A lot of questions to be answered, a lot of background to cover.

Rob has traveled extensively throughout his life.  His father (estranged) was a military officer, and as a result Rob moved quite often as a child.  This carried over through his Wildlife and Biology degrees (B.S. and M.S.) – and to this day travel, new sights, and views are the most desirable “things” for his happiness.  He spent a lot of time in Northern California and Southern Oregon on National Forest and private timber lands. The beauty of long days, seeing the sun rise and set, was an awakening.


We wanted to travel as a family.  We wanted the Boy to see things before he hit puberty and no longer wanted to be around his embarrassing mother and her silly boyfriend.

The answer was a van.  Buy it, fix it up, convert it to an RV.  Take our time, make it the way we need it to be for the long haul.  Home school the Boy.  Bring the bikes, AND the dog.

SO – here we go….